Glazes and Coatings

Five Star Chef Glazes & Coatings create desserts that boast an exquisite and refined look, and are instantly eye-catching. Five Star Chef offers a wide range of hydrate-based coatings, both bright and satin-looking with smooth or crunchy texture, available in many trendy flavors. All coatings are easy to use to meet the needs of professional pastry chefs, and they are of high quality and flavor to satisfy the requests of even the most demanding consumers.

2 Item(s)

  • Evolution Glaze Chocolate
    This illustrious icing is top-tier in quality, taste, and usability. With a rich dark chocolate flavor and stunningly polished shine, the alluring deep chocolate hue of PreGel’s Mirror Icing – Chocolate is like a hypnotic trance making it almost impossible to look away.
  • Strawberry smART Glaze
    With a mesmerizing and alluring color, this new Strawberry smART Glaze also offers the sweet-tart, yet tantalizing flavor of America's most popular fruit. Evenly coat captivating mousses, Bavarian creams, semifreddos, and monoportions of all kinds with results showcasing a perfect and uniform surface even when thawing, allowing for neat, smear- free slicing and cutting.