There are countless flavorings and aromas that can be used to customize and add taste to all kinds of pastry specialties. Five Star Chef Flavorings offer a rich selection of superior products (both in powder and paste) conceived to be easily added to a number of different applications. From classic and fruit flavors up to the most peculiar and refined ones, all Five Star Chef Flavorings feature an intense and natural flavor; they can be measured and combined to taste, and are great to add flavor to any baked pastry and cold dessert.

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  • Cheesecake
    A cold process, fat-free product for obtaining gelato with the authentic flavor of the famous American dessert. This Flavoring Powder is also great for adding a natural flavor to pastry creations.
  • Coconut Traditional Paste
    Thick and aromatic, one whiff of this paste loaded with sweet, tropical coconut flakes acts as an instant transport to the exotic world of authentic Caribbean cuisine.
  • Gianduia Traditional Paste (Dark Chocolate Hazelnut)
    Developed in the city of Turin in the 18th century, this classic Italian combination of dark chocolate and hazelnut has become a traditional flavor of the Mediterranean and across the world.
  • Golden Vanille Traditional Paste
    A highly concentrated Vanilla Paste to obtain a yellow-colored gelato, dotted with vanilla seeds. Its sweet, soft and buttery flavor is characterized by pronounced notes of caramel and milk.
  • Il Cocco
    An authentic summer breeze: PreGel Il Cocco is a concentrated powder characterized by its delicate flavor of coconut and by its rich content of irresistible coconut sprinkles. It can be also used in many pastry applications. 
  • Lemon

    A paste with a lemon flavor for adding a pleasing accent to your baked goods. You can also add a few grams of the product to the mixture and thoroughly mix before moving onto the next step.

  • LeoLeon
  • Marron Glacé

    A concentrate with the uncomparable flavor of chestnuts, perfect for enriching any pastry creation.

  • Mascarpone 30 Powdered Flavor (Italian Cream Cheese)
    One of Italy’s most famous cheeses, the sweet, creaminess of mascarpone is well-defined in this fine flavor powder.
  • Mastixa Traditional Paste
    A concentrated Paste with a colour and smell typical of the white and condensed resin obained from the mastic tree. The flavour is bitter at first, but then releases a refreshing, slightly pine or cedar-like taste. Commonly used for baking and cooking in the Eastern Mediterranean, it compliments desserts such as brioche, liqueur, gelato and Turkish delight.
  • Nocciola Piemontie IGP
    Exquisite pure Paste for a gelato with a sandy color, packed with the deliciously sweet, delicate flavor of Italy’s best lightly toasted hazelnuts. Made exclusively using Tonde Gentile Trilobate I.G.P. hazelnuts from Piedmont, it’s perfect fora gelato with a balanced, clean flavor worthy of the most discerning palates.
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