PreGel’s Sprint line is a complete line of cold process products that offers quick and easy preparation of artisan gelato, sorbetto, or soft serve. These products are great time-savers while still creating a high-quality product: in fact, all of the solid ingredients are already balanced and only the addition of milk or water is required to create delicious frozen treats. The ease of the product line removes the need for measuring and allows for the same consistency and quality every time. Meet our numerous flavors of Sprints with pieces, perfect for making delicious gelato complete with real fruit pieces, and Sprints without pieces, for making both artisan gelato and soft serve.

4 Item(s)

  • Limoncello Sprint
    A complete product for obtaining a gelato reminiscent of the famous Mediterranean liquor that has a citrus flavor but without any alcohol.
  • Limone Sprint
    An instant, powdered product perfect for obtaining a fresh and thirst-quenching sorbet, delicious all year-long.
  • Strawberry Sprint
    An instant, powdered product with the flavor of ripe strawberries, perfect for obtaining delicious gelato without artificial colorants.