Made with raw materials sourced from around the world, PreGel’s flavoring solutions offer consistency and high quality with every bite.The flavorings are divided in three categories to meet all of our customers’ needs: Traditional Pastes, Fortefrutto®, and Cold Processing Assorted Flavors in powder. Our Traditional Pastes are intense flavorings for cream- and milk-based desserts. They are generally thicker in presentation and contain particulates. Our Fortefrutto®, “Forte” meaning strong and notable, and “Frutto” meaning fruit, are intense flavorings for fruit-based desserts. In addition, our Cold Processing Assorted Flavors provide both optimal shelf life and intense flavor, while they easily dissolve without leaving a grainy aftertaste. Cioccolatina is the new chocolate-flavored cream created to be served directly in the gelato showcase.

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  • Panna Alpina 15-30
    A complete, cold process product that can be added to a milk base to obtain a cream-flavored gelato. It is great for Fiordilatte, Stracciatella and any occasion when a light cream flavor is preferred.
  • Il Cocco
    An authentic summer breeze: PreGel Il Cocco is a concentrated powder characterized by its delicate flavor of coconut and by its rich content of irresistible coconut sprinkles. It can be also used in many pastry applications. 
  • Pistachio Pure Anatolia
    Hailing from a region of many kingdoms in the country of Turkey, the pure Anatolia pistachio presents a full, rich, nutty, and buttery taste that is fit for royalty
  • Blue Angel Traditional Paste (Fruity Banana)
    Firm, creamy, and wonderfully sweet, this enchanting banana-flavored paste works miracles for creating diverse eye-catching recipes.
  • Peanut Traditional Paste
    America’s most popular legume has been transformed into a rich, thick paste with an enormous nutty flavor that easily contradicts the pea in its name.
  • Biscotto Traditional Paste (Cookie)
    The intriguing spice of anise warms the essence of this smooth paste crafted after the magnetic flavor of Italy’s most favorite cookie, delicious enough to make you crumble at first taste.
  • Vanilla Mexico Superior Traditional Paste (French Vanilla)
    Reminiscent of sweet egg custard, this wholesome paste is bursting with the remarkable essence of authentic Mexican vanilla beans and offers a golden vanilla hue.
  • Caramelllatte Traditional Paste (Caramel & Milk)
    Candy of milk is not only the literal, but accurate English translation to describe this delectable paste delivering the authentic taste of slowly heated sweetened milk.
  • Coffee Costa ďOro Traditional Paste (Espresso)
    Coffee beans brewed to perfection bring forth the most exquisite coffee essence, this subtropical paste is sure to delight the most devout coffee lovers.
  • Prontociocc Traditional Paste (Chocolate)
    Chocolate is dependable, diverse, delicious and dynamic, particularly as a dense artisan paste with the capacity to create an infinite amount of delights.
  • Vanilla Velvet Traditional Paste N (American Vanilla)
    The subtle vanilla essence of the Tahitian vanilla bean overwhelms this rich dessert paste in a way that instantly pleases the palate, the specks of vanilla bean is an appetizer for the eyes.
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