Made with raw materials sourced from around the world, PreGel’s flavoring solutions offer consistency and high quality with every bite.The flavorings are divided in three categories to meet all of our customers’ needs: Traditional Pastes, Fortefrutto®, and Cold Processing Assorted Flavors in powder. Our Traditional Pastes are intense flavorings for cream- and milk-based desserts. They are generally thicker in presentation and contain particulates. Our Fortefrutto®, “Forte” meaning strong and notable, and “Frutto” meaning fruit, are intense flavorings for fruit-based desserts. In addition, our Cold Processing Assorted Flavors provide both optimal shelf life and intense flavor, while they easily dissolve without leaving a grainy aftertaste. Cioccolatina is the new chocolate-flavored cream created to be served directly in the gelato showcase.

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