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  • Base Frutta Milk Free
    A base that does not contain milk derivatives, that boasts a clean flavor, ideal for obtaining a very fresh still creamy sorbet that enhances the natural freshness of fruit.
  • Fruttosa® (Water & Milk Base - Hot/Cold Process)
    A classically versatile Base as well as the first Base PreGel produced for fresh sorbetto. It is a fat-free Base with a slightly sweet neutral flavor and creamy texture that holds perfectly in the display case.
  • Granfruttosa
    A base for sorbet preparation. It boasts a quite compact structure and the gelato is not shiny on the surface. It's perfect to enhance the natural freshness of fruit.
  • Superlimone 100
    A complete powdered product for obtaining a creamy lemon gelato with an intense flavor that boasts a good balance between lemon juice and zest. It holds very well in the display case.
  • Tuttifrutti
    A complete base ideal for obtaining a rich fruit sorbet with creamy structure, by adding only fruit and water.