PreGel base products are quintessential ingredients in powder form for the creation of customized artisanal frozen desserts. Our premium bases provide the necessary foundation to promote optimal consistency, creaminess, scoopability, and texture in gelato, ice cream, sorbetto, sherbet, frozen yogurt, and soft serve. Offering options for both cold and hot process machines, our bases were specifically designed to achieve the necessary balance of sugars, fats, and solids to meet the needs of all gelato makers. The overall goal of our bases is to streamline production while maintaining the highest standards in all areas of consumer needs including those with dietary restrictions such as dairy-free, wellness, diabetic-friendly, vegan, and additive-free bases.

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  • Leggero Superlatte
    A no-sucrose-added Cold Process Base for gelato that is sweetened with fructose. Perfect for making gelato for those who prefer not to consume sucrose. Use this Base with any of our sugar-free PreGel Traditional Pastes such as Cacaopat (Chocolate – Unsweetened), Green Pure Pistachio (Slightly Roasted Pure Pistachio), Pistachio Primavera, Pure Pistachio Anatolia, Hazelnut Piemonte (Dark Roasted Hazelnut), Hazelnut Regina (Premium Light Toasted Hazelnut), Peanut, and Salted Peanut.
  • Fior Panna
    Cold and hot process base with a distinct cream flavor optimal for preparing Stracciatella or Fior di Latte flavors. It easily dissolves in the mixture, therefore it can be used both with both hot and cold processes.
  • Granfruttosa
    A base for sorbet preparation. It boasts a quite compact structure and the gelato is not shiny on the surface. It's perfect to enhance the natural freshness of fruit.
  • Neutral Soya Base
    A cold process base free of milk derivatives, enriched with Beneo® fibers and sweetened with fructose. It is free of saccarose sugars and animal-origin fats. There are many PreGel Traditional Pastes recommended for flavoring this base including: Cacaopat, Pistachio Sicilia, Pistachio Puro N, Pistachio Puro Verde Primavera, Nocciola Regina, Nocciola Piemonte IGP, Nocciola P. fine, Arachide and Pinolo.
  • Panna 50
    A cold and hot process base for obtaining a compact gelato structure with a delicate vanilla flavor.
  • Pannagel®
    Hot and cold process base for obtaining a compact gelato texture with a clean cream-vanilla flavor ideal for enhancing added Flavorings.
  • Superlimone 100
    A complete powdered product for obtaining a creamy lemon gelato with an intense flavor that boasts a good balance between lemon juice and zest. It holds very well in the display case.
  • Tuttifrutti
    A complete base ideal for obtaining a rich fruit sorbet with creamy structure, by adding only fruit and water.
  • White Base Sprint
    Americans are sweet on the creamy taste of frozen desserts, and have been since its introduction to the New World in the 18th century. Without having to purchase all the extra ingredients, PreGel’s white base powdered base provides the creamy taste and texture consumers crave. This base makes for the quick preparation of a cream flavor and can be customized using any flavor of PreGel's Traditional Pastes or Fortefruttos®.