PreGel’s Arabeschi® line offers a wide selection of rich sauces created from select premium raw materials. Most of the products in this line contain pieces of the ingredients in the mix. They are developed with the highest technology for maintaining the integrity of inclusions throughout the thick sauce. These delicious ready-to-eat flavor combinations have attention-grabbing visual appeal and are very versatile for multifaceted use. PreGel’s fruit-flavored Arabeschi® can also be used as fillings for semifreddo cakes or frozen pops, as they don’t freeze even in negative temperatures.

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  • Mango Arabeschi®
    A new Arabeschi® enriched with pieces of mango in a smooth and aromatic sauce that is sweet and exotic. It pairs well with PreGel Yogurt or PreGel White Chocolate.
  • Monte Nero Arabeschi®
    A new Arabeschi® that recreates the exact flavor and crispiness of extra dark chocolate cookies. Pair it with the new Monte Nero Sprint to create an irresistable flavor.
  • Nocciolate ( Chocolate Hazelnut)
    A creamy sauce of chocolate and hazelnut, complete with hazelnut crispies.
  • Passion Fruit Arabeschi® (Passion Fruit with Seeds)
    The authentic taste of fresh-cut passion fruit is captured in this topping and filling. With its vibrant color, and energizing flavor and edible seeds, this topping and filling is a convincing homemade garnish.
  • Pistachio Green Crunch Arabeschi®
    A sauce with the unique flavor of pistachio, complete with crunchy pieces of pistachio and dried fruits.
  • Plum Arabeschi®
    A sauce created with ripe plums, complete with small fruit pieces
  • Pomegranate Arabeschi® (Pomegranate with Seeds)
    The essence of this lighlty tart superfruit is enclosed in this irresistible sauce, rich in pomegranate grains.
  • Praline Hazelnut Arabeschi® (Sugared Hazelnuts & Cereals)
    Crispy cornflakes and sweet hazelnut pieces make up the intriguing flavor profile of this popular topping and Filling, that amplifies the taste and presentation of any dessert.
  • Sea Buckthorn Arabeschi
    A sauce that perfectly represents the small orange fruit of Sea Buckthorn with its slightly acidic flavor.
  • Strawberry Extra Arabeschi
    An exclusive Arabeschi® that contains strawberries enriched with ripe fruit and an intense flavor. We recommend pairing with Cheesecake Sprint and Cheesecake Arabeschi® to create an American cheesecake flavor.
  • Tiramisù Arabeschi®
    One of Italy’s most popular desserts is transformed into an indulgent sauce that blends the bold taste of coffee with pieces of ladyfingers to recreate a delicious tiramisù experience.
  • Wild Strawberry Light Arabeschi® (Wild Strawberries with Splenda® Sweetener)
    Though the Splenda® sweetener makes this dessert sauce light, the wonderful flavour of fresh strawberries remains full and rich, and capable of enhancing any frozen or plated dessert.
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