PreGel’s Arabeschi® line offers a wide selection of rich sauces created from select premium raw materials. Most of the products in this line contain pieces of the ingredients in the mix. They are developed with the highest technology for maintaining the integrity of inclusions throughout the thick sauce. These delicious ready-to-eat flavor combinations have attention-grabbing visual appeal and are very versatile for multifaceted use. PreGel’s fruit-flavored Arabeschi® can also be used as fillings for semifreddo cakes or frozen pops, as they don’t freeze even in negative temperatures.

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  • Coffee Crunch Arabeschi® (Coffee & Nut Crunches)
    Bold coffee flavor complements this delectable chocolate sauce enhanced with pieces of almond, hazelnut, and coffee pieces, making this topping and Filling a trilogy of culinary excitement.
  • Cristalberry Arabeschi® (Cranberry)
    A delightfully tart sauce with whole cranberries has the ability to keep customers giving thanks for these bittersweet fruits year-round.
  • Exotic Arabeschi® N
    An extraordinary combination of the best tropical fruits (pineapple, mango and papaya) dipped in a thick sauce that is reminiscent of summer.
  • Fantasia Croccante Arabeschi®
    The taste of this delicious topping and Filling sauce merges the soft crunch of cashew nuts and buttery sweetness of caramel, making it capable to transform any dessert into a crunchy fantasy of culinary magic.
  • Forest Berries Arabeschi® N
    An aromatic sauce made with forrest berries, complete with pieces of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and black currants.
  • Gianduione Arabeschi®
    A smooth and creamy sauce made of chocolate and hazelnuts
  • Grisbì® Arabeschi® (Italian Lemon Cookie)
    This thick and creamy lemon custard sauce enriches its Italian roots with the addition of Italy’s famous Grisbi® cookies crumbled throughout the invigorating topping and filling, bringing an enjoyable citrus zest to America’s favorite desserts.
    Smooth and anhydrous-based Arabeschi® boasting an enveloping honey and almond flavour, enriched with crunchy hazelnut-nougat grains
  • Krocco Milk Arabeschi® (Chocolate Cereal Crunch)
    This innovative dessert sauce offers the delicious blend of crispy cereal pieces with rich, milk chocolate and subtle notes of almond and hazelnut that delightfully tantalize the senses.
  • Krocco Peanut Arabeschi® (Peanut Cereal Crunch)
    This thick, golden peanut paste blended with crispy cereal pieces epitomizes the experience of devouring freshly-baked peanut butter cookies.
  • Lemon Arabeschi®
    A new and delicious lemon-flavored sauce complete with pieces of lemon zest
  • Mandarin Arabeschi®
    The unique aroma of mandarins characterizes this sauce which is rich with fruit pieces.
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