PreGel’s Arabeschi® line offers a wide selection of rich sauces created from select premium raw materials. Most of the products in this line contain pieces of the ingredients in the mix. They are developed with the highest technology for maintaining the integrity of inclusions throughout the thick sauce. These delicious ready-to-eat flavor combinations have attention-grabbing visual appeal and are very versatile for multifaceted use. PreGel’s fruit-flavored Arabeschi® can also be used as fillings for semifreddo cakes or frozen pops, as they don’t freeze even in negative temperatures.

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  • Bignolino
    Mini puffs wrapped in a creamy chocolate-hazelnut sauce.
  • Brownies Arabeschi®
    A rich chocolate sauce directly from the United Stated complete with crunchy pieces
  • Caramel Topping
    An amber color sauce with the unique and slightly bitter flavor of caramel.
  • Caramelllatte Arabeschi® (Caramel & Milk)
    This indulgent topping and filling is reminiscent of authentic dulce de leche. Luscious in texture and captivating in taste, this blend of caramel and milk is perfect for drizzling and incorporating into any dessert.
  • Cheesecake Arabeschi®
    Our new Cheesecake Arabeschi® has the flavour and consistency of the famous American dessert. We recommend pairing with Fragolissima Extra Arabeschi® to create an American cheesecake flavour.
  • Cherry Bon Arabeschi ®
    Our Cherry Bon features fresh pieces of Italian cherries in a sweet sauce, recreating the ice cream sundae experience.
  • Cherry Bonita Arabeschi®
    A rich sauce created with sour cherries, whole and pitted, which are soaked in a rich and soft sauce that sticks very well to gelato.
  • Chocolate - Hazelnut Topping
    A classic and timeless combination of flavours: hazelnuts wrapped in a soft chocolate cream with an intense flavour and smooth texture, packaged in bottles which makes it easier to decorate pans and cups of gelato.
  • Chocolate Biscuits
    Many, little star-shaped cocoa cookies to garnish your gelato and desserts.
  • Chocolate-Hazelnut Rock Arabeschi® (Chocolate & Hazelnut Pieces)
    Delicious pieces of buttery hazelnut and sweet wafers unite to enhance a rich chocolate sauce perfect for transforming basic desserts to superior.
  • Ciocco Cocco Arabeschi® (Chocolate & Coconut)
    The perfect combination of a scrumptious milk chocolate sauce and sweet grated coconut.
  • Cocco Snack Arabeschi® (White Chocolate Coconut Crunch)
    Delicate white chocolate combines with flavorful pieces of coconut and almond to bring a touch of tropical flair and homegrown fare to dessert.
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