Frozen Yogurt

In 1985 PreGel launched Yoggi®, the first yogurt-flavored gelato. Developed from the strong intuition of our founder, and through hard work and research, PreGel’s yogurt-flavored gelato revolutionized the artisan gelato market, introducing a new product category. The launch of soft serve, Frozen Yoggi®, has given life to the proliferation of both large international chains of yogurt shops, as well as thousands and thousands of independent retailers around the world.

4 Item(s)

  • Yoggi® with milk cultures
    The classic yogurt gelato available in a version that’s enriched with milk cultures that still maintains the same high quality of PreGel yogurt gelato. It’s the perfect combination of delicious flavor with nutritional value.
    All the lightness and freshness of low-calorie yogurt in a convenient product to those who want to prepare a perfect low-calorie yogurt soft serve.