A complete selection of smooth and fluid sauces packaged in convenient bottles with anti-drop tap for an easier use, Five Star Chef Toppings are perfect for adding flavor to any mousse, pudding, semifreddo, and many other treats, and are incredibly wellsuited to create original decorations on the serving plates. All fruit-based Toppings contain over 30% fruit, providing flavor that is fresh and natural.

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  • Bilberry Topping

    A gluten-free sauce complete with the flavor of juicy bilberries and a deep color.

  • Caramel Topping
    Almost anything caramelized is instantly alluring, and even more so when caramelized sugar is involved. This robust topping adds an extra touch of enchantment to any dessert.
  • Cherry Topping
    A gluten-free, alcohol-free sauce with the unique flavor of cherries soaked in liquor.
  • Chocolate Topping
    Chocolate in any form is irresistible, especially when its splendor is readily available in a squeeze bottle for the enhancement of frozen desserts and pastry.
  • Coconut Topping
    A gluten-free, exotic sauce with the sweet flavor of fresh coconut.
  • Coffee Topping
    America’s beloved coffee flavor maintains its integrity in taste, texture, and appeal in this sauce form, leaving desserts thirsty for a delicious application.
  • Forest Berries Topping
    A gluten-free sauce that includes all the forest berries: strawberries, blackberry, raspberry and black currants.
  • Kiwi Topping
    A gluten-free sauce that is refreshing and full of seeds, tasting just like an authentic kiwi.
  • Mango Alphonso Topping
    Created from the pulp of premium mangos from India, this sauce features a warm yellow color and unique flavor just like the exotic fruit
  • Melon Topping
    A gluten-free sauce with the intense flavor of ripe melons.
  • Red Orange Topping
    A gluten-free citrus sauce that boasts a vibrant color and the unique flavor of red oranges.
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