Neutral Soya Base

Code: 09408

A cold process base free of milk derivatives, enriched with Beneo® fibers and sweetened with fructose. It is free of saccarose sugars and animal-origin fats. There are many PreGel Traditional Pastes recommended for flavoring this base including: Cacaopat, Pistachio Sicilia, Pistachio Puro N, Pistachio Puro Verde Primavera, Nocciola Regina, Nocciola Piemonte IGP, Nocciola P. fine, Arachide and Pinolo.
Cold Process

Packaging: 8 bags x 2 kg

Application : Gelato, Ice Cream, Soft Serve, Sorbet

Dosage: 500g / Liter of Water

Dairy Free
Gluten Free